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Voices from The Giving Square Community: Paying it Forward

The Ultimate Way to PAY IT FORWARD

With Nico van Oudenhoven, Author and Co-Founder of the International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI), The Netherlands

Paying it Forward and The Giving Square

I met Amy Neugebauer in May 2019, just as Rona and I were putting together the final chapters of the book. For us, the conversations with Amy gave us the boost we needed to complete the work. which very much in line with the philosophy of the Giving Square. We were excited to highlight Kids for Kids Fund participant Colin in the book, alongside prominent ‘global citizens’ and ‘promotors of Global Education such as Shakira and George Soros. - Nico van Oudenhoven

Paying it Forward: How it works or perhaps should work

New book by Nico van Oudenhoven & Rona van Oudenhoven

In our book, we try to find out how, especially the young, generations could be raised in ways that they not only care about their own welfare and benefits but also about those who come many years after them, even for generations Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon… This in a world that ‘traps many people in the now’ and offers future scenarios that are, without almost no exception, utterly bleak.

Read more about the book here.


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