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Dear Student,

Thank you for visiting The Giving Square! Are you looking for inspiration, a place to share your ideas, or ways to get more deeply involved in your community? Do you want to inspire other kids to care as much about community service as you do? Here are some resources for you.

Listen to our podcast.

Want to dig into specific social issues? Eager to hear from kids your age? Listen to our kid-hosted podcast, Kids are Philanthropists, Too! Give us feedback about specific topics or the podcast overall. What do you think? If you are interested in being a co-host, let us know! We record two seasons a year.

Bring our programs to your school.

Help bring the Kids for Kids Intro, Kids for Kids Fund, or the Service Learning Workshops to your local elementary or middle school. Reach out and we can explore options.

2023’s favorite books of the year, as selected by hundreds of kids and a group of esteemed literature experts. Visit Politics & Prose during the upcoming Giving Season to check out their store displays! Use these books to inspire younger kids to care as much about doing good as you do.

Stay connected!

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