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Catalogue for Philanthropy - On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, do we give kids the wrong message about service?


Amy Neugebauer talks about how we can move beyond a typical once-a-year day of service, and make our impacts more meaningful.


Read the full blog post HERE.

Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy -
Kids Are Philanthropists, Too!

Amy Neugebauer explores the ways in which the philanthropic world is changing, and how kids fit into its future.

Read the full article HERE

eJournal of Public Affairs - Children are Undiscovered Community Assets 


Amy Neugebauer gives examples of how adults can get in the way of kids' engagement in the community, and ways to help instead of hinder their philanthropic growth.  


Read the full article HERE.

Urban Institute podcast #65 - Teaching Kids How to Give


In this podcast, host Justin Milner discusses with several guests, including Amy Neugebauer, how children shape their philanthropic identity. 


Listen HERE.

The Washington Post - Why Children Have Such Powerful Moral Authority


In this article about the impact of youth, the Giving Square gets involved and shares a quote.


Find out what we say HERE.

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