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Dear Funder,

Thank you for visiting The Giving Square! Considering our shared interest in broadening the tent of philanthropy, we invite you to consider the following funding opportunities:

Sponsor our podcast.

Want to amplify youth voices? Sponsor an episode or a season of Kids are Philanthropists, Too. Your investment helps us produce authentic intergenerational interviews about pressing social issues and solutions, all co-hosted by kids!

Invest in programs.

Help bring the Kids for Kids Intro, Kids for Kids Fund, or the Service Learning Workshops to more kids. Support our existing schools or bring The Giving Square to your community.

Help us launch the world’s first Kid Advised Fund (KAF).

Are you a big fan of Donor Advised Funds? Let’s start the first one for kids! Over the last five years, Kids for Kids Fund participants have given away over $100,000. We know that kids take this opportunity seriously, evidenced by the fact that grief was the number one issue of concern for kids in 2023. Let’s do participatory grantmaking with kids, at scale with a KAF!

Do you represent a philanthropic family or company?

Bring our programs or workshops to your family members or employees. Looking for next (next!) generational engagement opportunities? Let’s talk.

Stay connected!

Want to see where this work evolves over time? Sign up for our newsletter, follow us on social media, and follow the podcast.

Please feel free to reach out to us about the funding opportunities that may best suit you! The Giving Square is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization.

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