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Family Philanthropy Workshops

The Giving Square offers family philanthropy workshops for school communities, PTA’s, neighborhood groups, individual (and extended) families, groups of friends, scouting groups, religious organizations, and the general public. Family Workshops are designed to engage kids, adults, and grandparents alike in an exploration of giving as a family team. These sessions are fun, dynamic, and centered around The Giving Square methodology. Family workshops are typically offered as 90 min workshops, half-day workshops, or full-day experiences (with site visits to local non-profit organizations).

Educator Workshops

The Giving Square offers workshops and consulting services for school leaders, educators, community service coordinators, counselors, community engagement professionals, and volunteers. These Educator Workshops are designed to explore participants’ own philanthropic story and experiences, while introducing The Giving Square’s frameworks for engaging kids meaningfully and impactfully in giving and service. These sessions are fun, dynamic, and productive. Participants leave with a stronger philanthropic identity and new tools, resources and frameworks to incorporate into their personal and professional lives. Our current workshops are typically offered as 45 min, 90 min, or half day workshops but can be customized for the partner.

Workshops have been offered in partnership with the IEL Community Schools Conference, the Philanthropy Together We Give Summit, the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy network and the National Network of Schools in Partnership.

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