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Dear Journalist,

Thank you for visiting The Giving Square! Are you looking for inspiring stories, ways to showcase the voices of children and youth? Are you interested in new trends in philanthropy? Looking for a fresh perspective about the giving season? We would love to help you find your next story, centered around the philanthropic power of kids. To start:

Listen to our podcast!

Curious what kids think about pressing social issues? Eager to explore solutions through intergenerational conversations, led by young people? Listen to our kid-hosted podcast, Kids are Philanthropists, Too!

Attend a Kids for Kids Celebration event!

Join us for the culminating events of our school-based programming as students share their ideas, grantmaking decisions, and love of philanthropy. You are guaranteed to hear kids scream, “I AM A PHILANTHROPIST!” Reach out for more information. 

Contact us!

Learn about our efforts in real time by signing up for our monthly newsletter, checking out our publications page, following us on social media.

If you are interested in a story, please contact us.

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