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Part of raising a philanthropic child is letting your child learn about current events, social issues, and other news from around the country and world. However, some news is just not age-appropriate. Here are some great places to start introducing your child to the news, without having to worry about violence, gore, or political scandals. There are many options out there, but these are great (and FREE) places to start!

CBC Kids News - If you have visited our neighbor to the North, your child might be interested in this daily dose of Canadian news, all by kids and for kids. There are no links to outside sources or social media, so your kid is safe to browse on this site without supervision. They even follow the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Journalistic Standards and Practices!

DOGO News - One of the great things about DOGO news is that it has an option to search articles by grade level, so your child feels like the content is tailored to them, from first grade through high school! However, keep in mind although the subjects sort subject by grade, your younger children may still need help reading the articles.

HighlightsKids - A website affiliate of Highlights Magazine, this website has quizzes, games, and recipes mixed in with an advice column, Science questions, and Did-you-know articles. Great for younger kids who might not stay engaged on a news-only website.

KidNuz - Not everyone likes to read. That’s where KidNuz comes in! This website hosts a daily Podcast covering appropriate news topics that kids care about, read in a newscaster-like style. They also list resources and have a blog for a more in-depth look at the news they cover.

KidsPost - An affiliate of the Washington Post, this webpage curates the kid-friendly news all in one place. They also offer Craft and Recipes, Sports Updates, Readers Corner, and “Ever Wondered” sections for a nice variety. Just keep in mind there is a way for them to navigate to the “grown up” Washington Post from this site!

NewsForKids - This website was created by a teacher, and uses simple language to tell the news to kids that they would be most interested in. They have all types of news from around the world. The free version of the site does have a few ads, but they’re all kid-friendly.

Ranger Rick/ Ranger Rick Jr. - If your kid loves animals and nature, then this website affiliate of the Ranger Rick or Ranger Rick Jr. magazine is bound to get their attention. Some activities and pages may need an email to sign in, but it is free. The app and magazine are also worth looking into for more interactive content!

Scholastic Kids Press - If your kid is interested in reporting, then they will be excited to find out that Scholastic has its own team of reporters who are all kids themselves! This blog covers their adventures around the world - and the social issues they care about.

Smithsonian Tween Tribune - History and Science are the main focus of this website, with articles offered for everyone from Kindergarteners to Seniors. They offer the same amount of articles in Spanish, so even if you’re a bilingual family you will find this website accessible for all.

Teaching Kids News - Started by a freelance journalist couple sharing the news in their kids classroom, Teaching Kids News aims to explain the real news by contextualizing it in a way kids will understand. There are opportunities for your kid to send in their own story submissions, but if you want the full experience there is a subscription price attached.

TIME for Kids - This website offers audio versions of each article, so your kid can read along or simply listen to the articles that interest them. Their articles also have questions embedded in them to promote critical thinking skills. An affiliate of TIME magazine, there is also a print version of TIME for Kids available with options for different grade levels.

Youngzine - If your family is environmentally conscious, then you might like Youngzine, which focuses on News from the environmental and climate sectors. There are also ways for kids to have their creative writing and opinions published, with all content moderated by an editorial team. This is also a bilingual news source for Spanish speaking kids and families to enjoy.


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