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Happy Thanksgiving! This Thanksgiving might look a little different. Even if you aren't traveling or seeing your extended family this year, there are still ways to do good and give thanks.

Here are some ideas for engaging kids and families in thinking about the needs of others this Thanksgiving:

  1. Make sure your neighbors have what they need this holiday. In the last blog about solitude, we mentioned the number of people who go a week without speaking to anyone. Reach out to ensure this isn't true for your neighbors.

  2. Observe the power of kindness captured in the newly released documentary, The Antidote. Want a refreshing view of what America can be? Watch this piece on Amazon Prime.

  3. Play Kids for Kids Bingo with your family. We played this earlier in the year and found that this was a fun way for families to do a variety of philanthropic acts....even at a distance. See this blog for details on how to play!

  4. Read, read, read. There are many books that help connect us to the needs around us. See our blog about book reviews for suggestions! Our full Kids for Kids 2021 Library will be announced soon.


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