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Kids for Kids Library Book Reviews in Partnership with Politics and Prose

Have you been looking for children's books that emphasize philanthropic citizenship? Do you want to cultivate a culture of giving in your kids through reading and art?

In partnership with Politics and Prose bookstore, The Giving Square has been able to cultivate a Kids for Kids Library - made up of books about philanthropy, giving, empathy, kindness, and making life more fair for others. The curated Kids for Kids Library helps kids connect with these ideas through the writing and illustrations made especially for kids.

To highlight the great children’s books about giving, Ismahil and Ibrahim (two of The Giving Square’s biggest helpers) talk about their favorite reads - book reviews done by kids, for kids! See what books Ismahil and Ibrahim are recommending from the Kids for Kids Library!


Author: Sally J. Pla

Illustrator: Ken Min

We learn the importance of:

  • Supporting and being supported by family members

  • Understanding that some people have different personalities, traits, and needs

  • Being there for others when they are having a bad day


Author: Matt de la Peña

Illustrator: Loren Long

We learn the importance of:

  • Love in a kid’s life

  • How love will follow you wherever you go, wherever you live, and whatever you do


Author: Julia Durango

Illustrator: Bianca Diaz

We learn the importance of:

  • Community

  • Dreaming of and working towards goals

  • Coming together to help others


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