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Voices from The Giving Square Community: When Our Neighbors Are Hungry

Do you ever wonder what it is like running a food bank during COVID-19? We spoke with Katie Longbrake, Executive Director of WUMCO Help, a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing quick and friendly emergency assistance to needy residents of Western Upper Montgomery County, Maryland.

What the numbers tell us: Hunger is hitting families in record numbers. The Washington Post reported that as of November 9th, 16% of families had not had enough food in the past week. Hunger is not hitting people evenly. "Twenty-two percent of Black U.S. households reported going hungry in the past week, nearly twice the rate faced by all American adults and more than two-and-a-half times the rate for White Americans." Our neighbors are hungry, so what can we do?

What Katie shares: Food pantries around the world are extra busy meeting increased need due to the Covid-19 pandemic and providing holiday meals to families in need. Food pantries are a very tangible way to help, alongside your children. When you are shopping for groceries you can buy a few extra items. For food banks that purchase as well as collect food, you can also make financial donations. You can visit websites such as ours to learn more about the specific ways you can help.


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