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Celebrating the Small Wins: How Community Members Can Drive Change

Change is happening all around small ways that can add up to significant progress. In the Black Lives Movement, alone we are seeing changes to flags, dictionary definitions, policies, and behaviors. At last week's Kids for Kids LIVE, we met Sumaiya who is part of a group of MCPS alums proposing anti-racist policies in their school district. Their initiative has already attracted over 7,000 signatures and considerable attention. Sumaiya's initiative is one of the many ways that people of all ages are working together to ensure that change is happening.

While we have so far to go, we can look to other big shifts in our society for inspiration. A

Kids for Kids LIVE guest Paige spoke about how so much has happened for LGBTQ rights and what that means for her personally. "Who I am would have been criminalized not long ago. It is hard for me to imagine". How our country has changed around LGBTQ rights is dramatic and further reinforced by the recent Supreme Court ruling on workplace discrimination. It is important to remember all the small acts (protests, local actions, behavior shifts, conversations) that have led up to this moment. This can give us hope.


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