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5 tools for making it through Election Day with kids

Election Day is always a great teaching opportunity to inform your kids about the democratic process of voting. You might choose to include your kids in your voting process, whether it be bringing them to the polls or explaining what's on your absentee ballot. This year, there will be an unprecedented number of mail-in votes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, we know it might be a while (even a few days) before we learn the results of the election. The Giving Square has gathered some resources to guide you through this election cycle, from talking about the election with your kids to some fun distractions as we wait for the final result.


Struggling with how to engage your kids on Election Day?

Looking for ways to distract your kids as we wait for results?

Need the mental escape?

  • Spend time with the New York Time's Election Distractor. It has settings for both kids and adults and will help take your mind off the election.


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