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Kids & Grands in Action

Kids & Grands in Action is a cohort built of kids and seniors, all coming together to explore how to be empathic and impactful contributors in our community. This program lets intergenerational teams learn new tools and ways to make life more fair for others. Especially at a time where people of all generations can feel isolated, this virtual program is fun, engaging, and draws upon everyone's expertise and ideas. 

During these sessions, we explore our own stories, reflect on injustices that we connect to, practice perspective-taking about different social issues, and explore the various ways that generations can come together to be philanthropic. Our program helps participants become more empathetic, better listeners, and empowered civic actors.


Family Giving Field Trips & Workshops

Family Giving Field Trips and Workshops are designed to engage kids, adults, and grandparents alike in an exploration of giving as a family team. These sessions are fun, dynamic, and centered around The Giving Square methodology. Alumni of the Kids for Kids Fund co-host these experiences. The Field Trip is a full-day immersive experience, including visits to local nonprofits, while the workshops are 90-minute experiences at one site. Parents see the experience as extraordinary and a unique opportunity to nurture their family as a philanthropic team. This is also a chance to see their children drive a philanthropic experience as well as demonstrate their empathy and emotions. One child, moved to tears by the experience, said, “This has been so important to me.”

For more information about Kids & Grands in Action or Family Giving Field Trips & Workshops, please reach out to

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