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Thanks for your interest in the Summer Philanthropy Challenge! The Giving Square knows (and wants to share) how to meaningfully engage kids in philanthropy. This game is the tip of the iceberg. For more ideas and opportunities, such as listening to our kid-hosted podcast, sign up for our newsletter under the "programs" section of our menu above.

Now onto the game!


This Challenge is designed to help you develop a broad sense of all the ways we all can help. Philanthropy is "giving of oneself for the good of humanity". There are many ways that we can use our brains, our ears, our eyes, our voice, and our hands to help people. With this game, try to get a row (horizontal or diagonal), just like you would in Bingo. Challenge friends and family members to do more! Once you are playing the game, share it with us below.

No printer? No problem!

Check out your library or local print shop for cheap printing options. 

Make it Stick!

Submit this form along with a picture of your game board or you completing the challenges as you progress through the game for some stickers and/or a shout out on our social media! 

If you want to post your progress yourself, use #TGSummer

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