Kids for Kids LIVE!

In response to COVID-19, we started hosting weekly intergenerational programs designed to engage children 8 and up. Every week we host different guest speakers (changemakers of all ages, experts on social issues, leaders of nonprofits, and key stakeholders). Throughout the 20+ sessions, we have covered topics from food to boredom, hosted guests from grands to first responders, and explored philanthropic tools from the power of writing to protesting and child activism. Every week we have a diverse group of people join us for these thoughtful conversations. 

Wrote Nick from Philadelphia, ”Thank you again for another very informative and uplifting Kids for Kids zoom meeting. I am very impressed with all the students and their openness to share with one another their hopes and dreams and challenges of their lives. Through these meetings, I believe the students and adults are growing to become more compassionate and developing a deeper ability to think critically on how they can use their time, gifts, and talents to make the world a better place.” 

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Specialized Workshops & Advisory Support

The Giving Square offers workshops and consulting services for a variety of audiences: non-profits, foundations, religious institutions, parent groups, and other organizations. Examples include a seminar on “Raising Philanthropic Children” with The Heartful Parent and a workshop on “Building a Foundation for Lifelong Giving” for the National Network of Schools in Partnership.

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For more information about Kids for Kids LIVE!, Specialized Workshops, or Advisory Support, please reach out to